Hello Twitter

After years of resisting the popular trend of getting into Twitter, I finally went on-board last night. Boo.

Well, I had my reasons for not joining Twitter for the longest time. I already was on Facebook, I had a Multiply page I have already semi-abandoned, and I also have my “secret” Tumblr account. And then, I have this blog. My online social life was already complete with just those three. I also knew how much of a blabbermouth I am in real life, and I don’t want it to translate online. I don’t want the “access” to be able to post just random stuff for everyone to see. Anyway, there’s my facebook for that, which I limit to just friends and family, and so far I am also able to control what I post there.

The only thing that prompted me to get a twitter account is the fact that news seem to be way faster on Twitter than anywhere else in the cyber world. Since being able to get back on a faster iPhone, I read news every night just before bed. Most of the news apps I use also had the twitter posts and accounts of the network and their newscasters / reporters. I noticed how much faster and how very real-time their posts are.

Well, there, I already gave in. But I don’t see myself posting much on my twitter, except probably links to this blog of mine. I’ll probably be much more of a lurker on Twitter, and save most of my personal stuff on Facebook. 🙂

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