For the love of…

December 15, 2011 is over. Just in case you were wondering what the importance of that date is to me, let’s just say that I have been waiting for that day for almost four years now. And, everything that I have been doing for the past few years has been leading to that date – the soft opening date of The Mind Museum.

I am the exhibit manager for the Universe Gallery and the Atom Gallery of The Mind Museum. This means, I have to do everything to make it possible to produce all the contents of these two galleries. I don’t make the exhibits myself (save for some components I really had to do on my own), but I had to coordinate each and every designer and fabricator to make the production of these exhibits possible. We also had to make sure that all the exhibits are showing the correct science principle that we want to communicate.

The months and weeks leading to the soft opening were one of the hardest, busiest, and most challenging time of my life. There is nothing so soft about preparing for the soft opening. There were non-weekends, mega-overtime/overnights, and never-ending inspections, meetings, phone calls, and texts to fabricators. Up until 530pm of December 15, I was still literally rolling on the floor trying to check everything and tidy up everything in my galleries. Only after then was I able to run off to dress up and make myself look human and decent enough for the affair. When I got back a little after 6pm, the vice president was already halfway through his speech.

Perhaps the sweetest thing about December 15 is hearing the appreciation and praise for the things you are working so hard for. It was so nice the way the guests loved the “night sky” in the Universe Gallery, the way the kids were hiding in the planetarium from their dad, and all other wonderful feedback that we’ve recieved after that night’s guests (a.k.a. The BIG donors) have seen what they have given their resources for.

Work isn’t over yet, though. Just a little bit more to trudge through to complete the contents of the museum. Just another arm and leg to spare to make things possible. A little holiday break to recharge for the last stretch.

Everything for the love of the BIG BABY I’ve been taking care of for the last four years. 🙂

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