A season of growing up

“What is the right age to become a woman?” That’s one of the most annoying lines I’ve heard from a certain commercial on TV lately. I always answer in my head, “when you stop asking stupid questions like that!” But then again, it’s something to think about. How long does it really take for us to reach that certain maturity after which we can already claim that we have finally become full-fledged adults?

Well, of course there will be very different answers for each and every person. There is a certain maturity you reach the moment you step out of school and into the workforce. There is a growing up as you finish major stages in your life and you move forward. I would guess the entire twenty-ish stage is an entire decade of growing up – hence, the quarter life. It’s at this stage you come face to face with the biggest decisions in your life – what career path to take, who to love, who to marry and when to get married, where to live, what to spend your limited time and resources on, among many other things.

Almost an entire decade of growing up. But sometimes there are events and situations that force us to metamorphose so quickly in such a short period of time. To say that these moments are challenging may be an understatement. These moments are moving, sometimes earth shattering. But after such, we hopefully become much better versions of ourselves.

I’ve been in an accelerated season of growing up these past few weeks. Work stress is at an all-time high because of our December deadline. A lot of things also happened in the family, and I needed to assume responsibility for our household for an entire month. The responsibilities are so great in both professional and personal aspects of my life. To be able to take charge and take care of all these responsibilities, to be mindful of other people and things beyond myself is something that has pushed me way beyond my limits and my comfort zone. I’ve gone beyond just I, me, mine. A lot of other things now depended on me.

And then, there’s an emotional growing up. I’ve isolated myself from certain emotional possibilities in the last four years of my life. Blame it on the last guy I fell in love with. But in the last few weeks I have finally realized the best lessons I have learned from that horrible experience. Only lately do I appreciate everything that I have gone through then. It was really meant to ready me for the best things to come.

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