This post is not about any form of exercise or physical activity. Let’s just say, take my title literally – it’s about WORKING, and being OUTSIDE doing this.

Have I mentioned that work has been intense these past few weeks, and is set to elevate in difficulty and urgency in the next three months? Well, we have a science centre to finish, and the accomplishment of around 25% of the contents rest on my shoulders. I seem to have been losing weight, they say, and it’s somehow a good side-effect of the stress, at least for the meantime. The tons of work cannot be accomplished in only 40 hours during the work-week, that’s why there’s a need to go the extra mile. It’s a tough job, but someone has got to do it.

However much I’ve tried in the past, I could never really get in the “zone” or in working mode when I’m at home. My desktop PC in the home office will only prod me to play with Sims 3. The living room will always urge me to turn on the TV and watch whatever crap is on. And then there is my bedroom – my radio will probably play non-stop when I’m at home, and my bed is so conducive to slumber. I can’t help it. Regardless of my initial intentions, if I turn on my work laptop at home, I only end up surfing the web.

Yesterday was Saturday with nothing much on my personal errand list. I went about doing these after lunch and settled down in a Starbucks nearby with a grande latte and my trusty Vaio to work on, well, work. It is much cheaper to do than driving all the way to the office in Taguig. Five-hundred pesos in gas and around 1.5 hour lost during the drive versus one hundred fifty pesos for big cup of my favorite coffee and fifty pesos for unlimited internet just less than five kilometers from home – it wasn’t a tough decision.

Four hours in Starbucks and a grande latte. Indeed, I was able to finish one item from my list. Not bad. That’s one less thing to think about when I get back to the office on Monday. Maybe I should do this again in the coming weekends, and maybe even on some weeknights. It should be nice to come home with less work to do and all the remaining time to enjoy my bed.

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