It sucks to be me

What should have been the shortest work week for this year has been the longest for us so far. Had to work half-day on a holiday last Tuesday. Had to drive for two hours going to work, spent ten hours of running around (and rolling and crawling around) NBC tent, worked three hours overtime in the office, and spent another 1.5 hours driving home yesterday. Spent more than 12 hours at NBC tent today for the same event. And we still have another workday tomorrow.

Amidst all this stress, there is one album I listen to that would just instantly cheer me up and give me a better perspective of the situation. Avenue Q soundtrack.

A friend gave me a copy of the soundtrack even before I was able to watch the play myself. Avenue Q is a puppet play that is a parody of the Sesame Street series, with very similar characters and songs as lively. The biggest difference is that Avenue Q tackles a lot of the issues of 20-ish and 30-ish people. I could list a number of quarter life issues they have dealt with, but that might go on and on and never end. Luckily, I was able to watch the play when they had their run here in Manila, with the Filipino cast. Really gave me an appreciation of the stage in life that I am in right now. And yet, I would never tire of listening to their soundtrack when I am feeling down and need a little pepping up.

Intrigued? Can’t share the actual album here, but you can just search for it. Here are some of the titles of songs in the album, so that you will have an idea of the wild and crazy things that they were singing about:

  • It sucks to be me
  • If you were gay
  • Purpose
  • Everyone’s a little bit racist
  • The internet is for porn (my favorite!)
  • You can be as loud as the hell you want
  • There’s a fine, fine line
  • There is life outside your apartment
  • The more you ruv someone (that’s not a typo)
  • Schadenfreude
  • I wish I could go back to college
  • For now (the best song to listen to if you need a better perspective)

I highly recommend you to listen to the album if you haven’t heard it yet. Seriously, if you think you’re having a quarter life crisis, listen to this album. You may not find the solutions to your problems, but at least this will cheer you up a little bit.

I would appreciate feedback if you like / hate / adore / despise or feel anything strongly (or even weakly) about the Avenue Q album. Just drop a comment or send me an email. Thanks lots!

2 thoughts on “It sucks to be me

  1. ahh, avenue q. i especially liked kate’s line in “it sucks to be me”, bentang-benta the first time i heard it! u didn’t mention “my girlfriend(who lives in canada)”, another winner 🙂
    oh and hi abby!

    1. Hi Leah (Kara)!
      Yeah, love Kate’s part in “It sucks to be me”, super can relate. Kulit din ng “My girlfriend who lives in canada”. All the songs are super!!! Tinamad lang ako isulat lahat ng titles. Hehehe.

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