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So, do you have your resume ready? The next step to landing a job is to start applying for them. There are actually several ways you can apply for jobs, and I will name just the ones I am most familiar with.


A lot of groups organize different kinds of job fairs year-round. Most big college and universities organize their own job fairs inside their campuses, usually sometime right before graduation season. The good thing about attending your own college and universities’ job fairs is that the companies participate in these usually have their sights out for the type of people found in your college and university, and you hopefully fit well in the profile they are looking for. There are also job fairs organized by the government, by NGOs, and even by companies or association of companies involved in certain industries. There are job fairs that present work opportunities in specific industries, and there are others that give a broad spectrum of available opportunities.

When going to a job fair, be armed with several copies of your resume, as you will be submitting these to prospective companies. Be also ready with a pen and possibly a hard writing surface on which you can fill out the application forms of some companies. Also remember to wear something decent – no need for business formal, but smart casual should be the minimum. Some job fairs also provide time for on-the-spot interviews, so be ready for these too.

The best thing about job fairs is it’s a face-to-face immersion into the vast possibilities of employment. You will be able to ask some questions to the companies present regarding the career opportunities available, the requirements and process of application, and their expectations. You also have the opportunity to make a good first impression.

You can scope for the schedules of these job fairs in newspapers, online, or in announcement boards in your college or university.


One thing I love about today’s job hunting scene is being able to look for work while sitting in front of your computer. There are already a number of job hunting sites online, including the following:

These websites usually provide a list of vacancies in different companies that subscribe to them. You can search and select the positions and/or companies you are interested in and actively submit your application to them. The companies can also search through the database of resume stored in these websites and send invitations to apply to those with qualifications that fit their requirements.

Besides the specific websites, you can also search through the corporate websites of companies you are interested in working for, and check out the career opportunities in their company. Some corporations have a resume database wherein you submit your resume and their HR will contact you if they have a requirement that you could fit in. Some companies will just have a list of job openings, and you can submit your application to specific positions. There are also some other companies that have a more complicated online application, sometimes involving online quizzes and Q&A to immediately assess if you’re worth considering into their company.

Another way to find a job online is to apply via email to job openings that are usually sent by friends or relatives around through email and the online social networks. Some companies post their job openings in their Facebook pages. Where I work, we actually post our requirements on our Facebook fanpage, both for permanent positions and for volunteer opportunities.

I found my first job online, or rather, my first job found me online. I submitted my resume in the online resume database of San Miguel Corporation. I got a call from them a few weeks after, inviting me for an interview and to take an exam. My current job I got from an email of a friend of a friend of my mom. In other words, I owe finding my career opportunities to the internet. I still keep my resume active and updated on jobstreet, just so I have an idea of what careers and positions are available.


The old way of looking for job before the internet was invented, but still active and useful until today. You can find classified ads in newspapers, with companies providing a list of their requirements for personnel as well as details for applicants. I haven’t tried applying to companies in classified ads, but I look at them periodically and I do see a lot of different opportunities for different people, perhaps not just specifically to my career.


One interesting way of finding work opportunities are from friends and relatives. Sometimes a little push from a friend or a relative that know someone int he company gives you an edge when applying for that company. I would like to say that there is nothing wrong with using your personal connection, because it’s okay to use whatever you have to your advantage. I should warn though that you should do so with caution. There is a lot of things at stake in these situations. You have to prove that you are really worth hiring and that you are not in the company just because you were someone’s friend or relative. Other people in the company may question your capability if you don’t perform well. Also, it doesn’t reflect well on the person who recommended you if you slack off.

I have personally recommended some friends in some companies I have previously worked in, and some of them got the job and performed well in the roles they were hired for. I would not like to recommend or vouch for someone if I am not confident in their capabilities. I don’t want to be blamed for incompetent employees.


If you want to apply for work abroad, there are recruitment agencies that can help you with this. This is another mode of job hunting that I have not personally tried, but I did a little research just to give you a bit of information for this. The most important thing in looking for work through agencies is to make sure to go through a reputable agency. Best way to do this is to check the list of recruiters in POEA:

Another page that gives a good list of agencies can be found on the page of PhilRecruit online:

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