Life after grad?

Are you a fresh graduate ready to dive into the real world? You’ve got your bachelor diploma, now what?

This is actually one of the biggest crossroads of your life yet. There are so many possible answers to this, which may generally include the following:

  • Work in the corporate world. This is the choice that a lot of fresh graduates take. They apply to one or more companies, or to specific positions which may or may be related to what one finished in school. Majority of yuppies in this generation do not stay for more than a year in their first job, for reasons that I have yet to find out.
  • Go to Med School or Law School. There are also other people who go directly from their bachelor to Med school or Law school. Some people earlier in their lives take up their bachelor courses specifically with the intention to take up Medicine or Law later on. Lately, Med and Law schools are not restricted to specific undergrad courses like before.
  • Take up Masters. Some people take up their Masters right after their bachelor, and some work first to get some experience before they go for Masters. I noticed with my friends that most people in science and engineering careers go to take up their masters and even their PhD’s earliest in their careers. MBA’s and Masters in Management usually require some work experience before qualifying for the program.
  • Teach. I specifically separated this from “work”, because a career in the academe is far different from a career in the corporate world, for many reasons. Some people decide to teach instead of dive into the corporate world. These are also usually the people who take up their masters while teaching.
  • Start a business. Not a lot of graduates take this path, but it is still an option. You just need some form of capital (from your own savings, or from dear mom and dad), a good business idea, and a lot of guts.
  • Bum. Oh yes, it’s an option. But it’s not something I would suggest.

Which path have you chosen? Or which path are you most likely to consider?

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