Best Friend

Waiting to meet up with my two bestest buddies of my entire life. Let’s just say that I didn’t really have a choice when it came to my best friends, I was sort of born with them already. Best friends from the womb as we say, and rightly so. Our mothers were first cousins, and they lived in the same compound before we were born, until around 10 years after. Lyn is 6 months older than me, and Ynna 6 months younger, and they are sisters. That pretty much spelled out the friendship that started between us way before we could even walk and talk.

Ten years of living in adjacent apartment units. We only went to the same school during Nursery and Kinder, and separated to different schools after. But the moment that school is over, we would practically crash into each others house, or better yet, play outside our houses yet still in the safety of the apartment driveway until our parents come home from work. A short novel won’t be able to encapsulate all my memories with them. But of course, things change, people move, and little girls also grow up. At 10 years old, my parents already bought their own house, and so we moved away. Perhaps that moment until this moment shows how the best friendship should be – never-changing.

After separate gradeschools and highschools, we somehow found ourselves “together” in the same university – UP of course! However, we were in completely different colleges and I didn’t really see much of them. Not that I needed to. It was nice to run into them now and then, find their car in the parking and leave some post-its to tell them that I was there.

Then we graduated. Lyn went to med school, Ynna did freelance work, and I started my life as a corporate slave.

All these years, we wouldn’t say that all we had were each other. We were never all over each other’s lives (except maybe while we were toddlers?). We had other best friends or close friend in the different stages of our lives. And we were never exactly the same person as the other. In fact, we grew up to be much different in many ways. But our friendship, trust, and love for each other never changed. I love them completely. Just in case my whole world falls and I am left hopeless, I know they will always be there for me.

I’m meeting up with them in a bit to catch up, to reminisce, and everything in between.

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