Leaving on a Jetplane

Travelling is one of the things I personally adore, whether it be alone or with a group, local or international, familiar or unfamiliar places. You could pretty much say that I have a very strong wanderlust. I don’t exactly know how this love for travel started. My family never travelled much or too far when I was a child. My first and farthest travel was to Vancouver Canada, LA and Michigan in the USA, right after I graduated high school. Family adventures started mid-college as we started to explore Asia together. There were a number of local trips with my friends and organizations as well.

Travel is one of my biggest personal expense since I started working. It also pushed by the fact that it’s so easy to book tickets online now. But I really don’t regret spending on travel. After all, I have wonderful experiences that I wouldn’t have had if I had not travelled.

In fact, travelling gives me a chance to learn and realize a lot of things, for two main reasons:
1. Long waiting and transit times leaves me with nothing to do but contemplate on life; and,
2. Being in different places and situations makes you discover and understand things that you wouldn’t otherwise do if you’re in your regular setting.

I try to go to at least one international and one local (by air) destination within a year. Usually my international trip is to Singapore, where my dear brother resides and works. I do love Singapore. It’s like my second home.

I usually travel for pleasure, save for one fortunate time that the company sent me on an official business to New Zealand. That trip was both business AND pleasure. I did not extend, but the entire trip was such a wonderful experience, being able to see such wonderful places and meeting wonderful people. I was so blessed to have been able to join that trip, because New Zealand would’ve been too far and too expensive to travel to on my personal capacity at the moment.

I’m again in transit right now – on a 3-hour flight, to be exact. Contemplating on my life like I usually do. If I remember correctly, even the idea of setting up this blog came during one of my travels. It’s great to take home new ideas and inspirations from my travels.

(Written on May 6, 2011, aboard Cebu Pacific on the way to Singapore)

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