Ask someone who knows

One of the most helpful things I live by is to ask someone who knows. I have this as the very first article in this blog, because this applies so much to a lot of things that we have yet to face. When faced with any challenging situation in life, the best way to know the solution or the best action is to ask someone who knows. This doesn’t mean there are particular people who is all-knowing that we can ask for everything. Usually there is a person who will be the best one to help out through a certain issue, and other people for other issues.

For example, when I need advice for career, I usually seek the help of my big brother or my parents, because they have had good career experiences and decisions. Both have a different take on career, being from two different generations, yet both are helpful.

A particular lesson is when it comes to heartbreak, never ask someone who has always been in a happy relationship to help you out. You have to seek out someone who has been through hell because of a breakup, and yet survived and recovered. That person would have learned a lot of valuable lessons that can help you through your own struggles.

In the same way, it’s best to ask for relationship advice from someone who is in a relationship, or has been in one. Bonus points if that person has a similar type of relationship as you and your partner.

For the quarter-life issues, I think the best people to ask help from are those who have recently battled the same issues. The older generations never knew about the “quarter-life crisis” that we now commonly speak of. In essence, it is actually better to ask for help from people who have the same experiences than to ask other people with much more experience, but have not experienced what you are going through.

Coming to my important point, I think there is strength in putting together the experiences of different people who are going through or have gone through their quarter lives to be able to help each other out, especially those who have yet to go through similar experiences. I hope that this site will be a platform for this sharing and mutual support. I’ll start with my experiences and then slowly draw in different people with different backgrounds, to share their different stories and the lessons they’ve learned.

Please do feel free to share with us your own experiences, as well as share our site with your friends who may also benefit from this sharing of experiences.

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